Heat Shield


In Science my group (Ian and Beck) and I  made a very cool heat shield but we had some problems at first but got a lot better at the end. When we first tested our group wanted to test a steel plate. That completely failed and the hot side was colder than the cool side which means the heat just went right through. We knew we needed a change so we used lasagna, metal lathe and tinfoil for our next text. That did a lot better with the back side only being 20 something degrees Celsius. We learned that lasagna worked so we went with that in our final design.

In the final design, we pretty much kept the same design with one more layer of lasagna. That ended up being a vital mistake. When we wanted to do our final test on the flamethrower we felt pretty confident. We put the shield on the stand and pretty much immediately started the fire. We were already off to a bad start. When we were done our egg had a tragic 4mm of cooking. Even though our egg was cooked we learned a lot and had a great time.


My Ideal World

Welcome to Planet AI. This planet is filled with amazing AI programmed to accommodate people’s needs and some wants. There are robots, drones, and powerful computers. AI will also not be programmed to kill people so Planet AI will be very peaceful with everyone being safe and happy!

In daily life there will be tons of restaurants, malls and amusement parks. People will have a lot of fun with the thrilling rides and amazing different types of food and clothes. On planet AI money is earned by doing regular jobs such as being a chef, being a store worker, those kinds of jobs. The job that gives you the most money is obviously Top Control. They will be paid 10,000 dollars per second while getting VIP service from robots giving you ANYTHING you want on demand. Transportation will be very easy as your robot (more details later) can create a teleport portal and all you have to do is type in where you want to go. 

On planet AI, AI makes human life much easier and safer than on earth. Robots will be programmed to follow people by their request. They can give people food and protect you in case of emergency. The robots do break down eventually after 5 years of work but then people will get a new more advanced prototype which is a big win. The political system here is a bit interesting as everyone from Top Control has the ability to make reprograms to people and other objects. Top Control are the only people who do not have anything related to AI in their bodies. It is only the specific few members who were chosen to lead Planet AI and people can only get into Top Control if they are part of the special Kim family from Earth.

Planet AI varies in location as the planet is powered by rockets making the planet be constantly moving all the time. It is quite big being about twice the size of Earth. In this world there are 5 main biomes. First, there is a huge city on top of the planet called Top Control. This is where all of the AI is being controlled and where the rockets are located. Only specialized personnel are allowed 500 miles within because of the danger of rockets. In the southern part of Planet AI there is an amazing amount of SNOW! This biome is full of life with seabirds, gigantic seals and cute chubby penguins. Also computers wired into peoples brain will program people to not get cold even in the freezing temperatures of negative -550c. In the center there is an amazing biome of grassland. This is the only part of the world that any killing is going on. It is because of hunting delicious animals such as Cows, Pigs and Chickens!  The biggest biome is the city with huge buildings taller than Mount Everest on Earth. There are also many sports arenas with 100,000 thousands of seats and places to shop and fun attractions such as skydiving from the huge towers in the city. The dessert is the most boring one not having much to offer, but at least no one will die from overheating or getting too cold. These are all the amazing things on Planet. Our community is growing everyday with cooler creations.


NC Museum of Natural Sciences Field Trip

On Friday January 27th, we went and had an amazing experience at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. First, when we were getting there we had a great time by singing 99 Bottles of Beer for half the time. When we got there it was freezing cold outside but I was very excited to have a very amazing experience in the museum.

As soon as we entered the museum we started off with a bang. The first thing we saw were amazing tropical animals such as Tree Boas, cool turtles and other cool animals. Right after we went to this amazing dinosaur exhibit with huge statues. That floor was my favorite part of the whole museum. On the top floor we observed the race exhibit which had really cool information and pictures. We also even had an amazing view of the previously viewed dinosaur exhibit. My second favorite part was the nature research center. There were a lot of cool interactive things there from interactive games to cool 3d printed items. Overall, the trip and experience was amazing. I would love to go again!

Window or Mirror Book

The book I am reading is called The Hate U Give. It is written by Angie Thomas and is about a girl who lives in a poor neighborhood but goes to a fancy school called Williamson Prep. This book is a big window for me because the main character Starr Carter has lost two of her best friends to shootings. One when she was young and one in the current day. Also, Starr has to tell the police what happened because she was the only witness. These are situations I have never been in and I would be terrified if any of these things happened to me.


A window is a book where you can not relate to anything and it is completely new to you. A mirror is a book where you can relate to and have connections with. That is the difference between a window and mirror.

Wisdom Tales Project

The Tiger’s Whisker is about a man who came back from a battle and his wife was trying to make him happy. The husband didn’t care about what the wife did, so the wife went out to get a love potion. The person who could give the wife the love potion said the wife needed to get a tiger whisker. Then she did. After the man said if the wife got a tiger’s whisker she could win his husband back.  

My two friends and I acted this story out. We had a lot of fun making this play.

Here is a picture of ourselves in the play and our script.

Narrator: A fierce warrior returned home after many years of hard fought battle. Even though he was not his normal self. His wife was being so inpatient and trying to make him happy by doing things for him like making his favorite food. But the husband ignored her and did not want all of his wife’s joy.

Husband: “Can you stop being so annoying to me honey just leave me alone for a bit.

Wife: “I tried to be so nice and joyful by making your favorite food and everything and I don’t get any love why can’t you be happy.

Husband: I just came back from a battle. People died and I was traumatized just leave me a couple of minutes and I will be with you for a while.

Narrator: The wife was really mad and was done with the husband. So she went out to get a love potion.

Wife: Can I please have a love potion? My husband is ignoring me. I want his love back.

Weird love potion dude: The only way you can get a love potion from me is to get a tiger’s whisker and return back to me and I will make it.

Wife: A tiger’s whisker you are crazy but I will try.

Narrator: The wife goes to get the tiger’s whiskers in the jungle to win her husband back with a love potion.

Wife: How am I going to get it? The tiger will eat me.

Tiger: SNORE.

Narrator: After being patient every night and day and bringing meat everyday for the tiger. She finally got the whisker and gave it back to the love potion dude.

Weird Love potion dude: Amazing you got the whisker I don’t care {throws it in the fire}.

Wife: Why would you do that? I tried so hard to get it. I was being so patient for so many days.

Weird love potion dude: You don’t need the love potion if you are patient with your husband you can win his love back.

Narrator: The wife gets home and tries to be patient with her husband and win him back and she does by being patient.

Duke Exhibition Game

This is my time at the Duke exhibition game. I had the best time in Cameron. I sat right behind the scorers table. It was so amazing. I was so close to the bench I could even hear the players talking and what plays Coach Scheyer was running. During the game I was a bit anxious at first because Fayetteville State somehow was winning 5-0. Later though Duke got better and won 82-45. Overall I had a great time. Go Duke!

Finding Someplace Backpack

In the book “Finding Someplace” the main character Reesie has to pack a backpack because there is a hurricane in her hometown New Orleans. There is no power and she has a backpack. She packed things like her notebook, hair oil and lip stick but she also packed birth certificates. This is what Reesie packed. Since Reesie packed some stuff for what she thinks is good for a hurricane I will show you what I would pack if I was in a hurricane.

There are many essential things to bring in an emergency. But I have to be able to fit my stuff in a backpack so that would be my only restriction to what I could bring. So finally this is what I would think would be important. I would first pack a bar because it has protein and it is not unhealthy. Also the most important thing would definitely be water. If I don’t have water I would be extremely dehydrated and have a greater chance of dying. I would definitely need two blankets because I would put one blanket on the floor and one over me so I don’t touch the floor and I can be warm at night.  I would also pack a wet suit so I wouldn’t be too cold if I got in the water. Then if I had a wet suit I would need something that will keep me afloat so I would need a life jacket. Another thing that would be useful in the dark I would need a flashlight because I don’t want to run into things and not be able to see anything. And if you had a flashlight you need batteries so you can charge it. That is what I would pack if I were in a hurricane. Hopefully, I would survive with all the materials I had.

Camp Hanes

On Thursday morning I got to school. I was excited about what was coming, getting on the bus to go to Camp Hanes. The bus was pretty nice. People were singing songs and giving out food. And there was even a movie on.  And before we knew it we were at camp.

When we first got to Camp Hanes we dropped our luggage off at the gym. Then we went to the conference room. We got to meet the counselors and they were all extremely nice. To prove it the first thing after they introduced themselves was to let us play four corners and a game called combat master. That was really fun. After we had fun playing our game we settled into our cabins, dropped off our stuff and went to lunch. We had fried chicken with macaroni and cheese and it was really delicious for camp food. After we raced to see who could clean up the fastest ( our advisory got second). After that it was time for the BIG hike.

When our activity group started hiking it seemed pretty normal, just some rocks and branches here and there until we ran into our first obstacle. We had to go up a pretty steep ledge. But we did have a rope. That made me feel a lot better. We then went up and walked for a little bit and then a big steep hill was next. There were rocks all over the place. So I went up and slid a little bit and then I was at the top. It was an incredible view. We were so high up that we could even see Winston-Salem!  It was also kind of scary. But it was a great hike.

Thank you to Camp Hanes for giving me a great experience. I had a lot of fun with friends and had a great time with the activities. There was also really good food and I somewhat overcame my fear of heights. I had a very fun experience and I would definitely come back. Camp Hanes was amazing!